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We turn what’s inside your heart and mind into clear messaging that targets the people you want to reach.

We create and manage marketing campaigns that leverage world class websites, effective PPC, SEO, social media, content marketing, and email marketing programs to drive results.

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Patriots need help. Establishment politicians and organizations have vastly more resources than private individuals. If you want to see America grow and prosper, we want to help you! 

Candidates For Office

Peter Hernandez For CA D18

We are working with Peter Hernandez to help defeat swamp creature Zoe Lofgren from California District 18 (San Jose, Santa Cruz)

We create and manage your  online presence. We can handle everything from setting up your email and website, to organizing and running your social media and marketing campaigns.

We will also help you obtain the voter data for your district.

We work closely with CatchTheVote software. If you are running for a local or state position in government, we can set up a new account and load all of the voter data from your Secretary of State, giving you a powerful tool to win your campaign.

Business Owners & Other Organizations

Sometimes business and politics don’t mix, and sometimes they do. If your business or organization needs marketing services, we are ready to help you!

chris bish website designer hm marketing

Bish For Congress

Chris Bish is a constitutional conservative running for District 6 in California. We are honored to be her website team and a part of the grassroots movement to get her to Washington.

Thank you for building out my website and online presence. So helpful for my candidacy for school board.
Monique Hokman
Candidate for Natomas Unified School Board
You've made me look professional, thank you so much!
Megan Allen
Candidate for Natomas Unified School Board
Our website has helped unify our parents to fight the school board. We are so grateful for Reach Patriots.
Rachel Kattan
Founder of Natomas USD For Freedom

Who We Are

Living through the lockdowns in California, seeing local businesses shuttered, masks and vaccines being forced upon our children, all the while watching our corrupt Single Party system (the Establishment) loot America’s Treasury…

The complete halting to our way of life. We could no longer just sit idly by. If not us, who? If not now, when? We knew we could make the biggest impact by supporting the real hero’s, the selfless America First candidates and organizations who are risking everything to run for office and supporting those working to save America.

For over a decade our founding team members worked in Main Stream Media news buildings. We have seen first hand how within minutes, media stories and national narratives  (Establishment  propaganda) are distributed  to the more than 850 media markets around America. 

The deck is stacked against people who want what’s best for American citizens. Our family has a rich history of serving in nearly every war America has fought. We are continuing that fight with what we do best, which is helping you reach patriots.

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Everything starts with a ‘get to know you‘ meeting where you learn about us, but more importantly you tell us your goals and challenges. We’ll then create a custom plan that fits your budget and helps achieve your goals.

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