Election Canvassing Software

CatchTheVote is political canvassing software, proudly made in the USA!   Geospatial Analytics, Volunteer Management, and Hierarchy/Flat User Management Solutions integrated with SMS Texting and Telegram Messenger.
Built by experienced Canvassers and finely tuned by real-world usage across the US.

Election Canvassing Software

Aaron’s journey into building Catch The Vote started when his Father Joe ran for a legislative position and won. Aaron was running the campaign manually, and as a computer programmer, he figured out how to automate a lot of the work it takes to manage volunteers.

So he built Catch the Vote, which has revolutionized how an organization can canvass a territory with the help of volunteers.

15 case studies


reach conservative americans advertising

Natomas USD For Freedom

Visit A courageous Momma Bear in our school district needed online support to fight the mask and vaccine mandates. We answered the call.

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Campaign Website Package

Your campaign website may include the following:

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