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catchthevote canvassing software
We’re helping to get the word out on the new canvassing software CatchTheVote to America First candidates. 
The software’s author took his experience managing his Father’s campaign along with using the latest technologies to build a new type of tool to take your ground game to the next-level. 
Expensive consultant-level support and analysis is now all automated to provide strategic geographic views, canvassing management and tracking, volunteer management, and integrated team messaging using Telegram.     
The way CatchTheVote fuses geographic data, there is no need for endless hours of creating and managing walking lists, which is required in canvassing software like Campaign Sidekick, a relic of the old walking list printouts.  
Since geographic data is fused-in, there are a whole bunch of new capabilities, such as heatmap displays, tracking progress, assigning regions … a lot of powerful options!
CatchTheVote provides a full-suite of tools to maximize your team’s time efficiently in canvassing. 
This solution is successfully supporting County-wide groups, Congressional Campaigns, Local Delegate and County Council races.  A County-wide group has even started their own training rumble page for their 900+ volunteers.
We want to help save America by helping America First candidates like you win. We can do that by offering you CatchTheVote. We can help you set it up and get it running for your team. 
Let’s setup a time to meet. Pick a time that works best for you here: 
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Precinct Map Tracking
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Volunteers have your talking points at their fingertips when going door to door
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Use Filters & Heatmaps to see your districts like never before

Video Training

Check Out this training video below by the San Bernadino County Patriots. They use this video to train new volunteers to help carry out Operation Drop & Roll.

Services, Tools & Resources To Help Your Organization Reach Patriots

Voter Data Marketplace

All packages include the necessary paperwork needed to file with the Secretary of your state to obtain and use the data.

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Volunteer Management

Manage your campaign and volunteers from one Dashboard. Choose the option that fits your needs

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Are you a political campaign, organization or business looking to reach patriotic Americans?

That’s what we help you do! Check out our work, our services and contact us to see how we can help you grow your support base and your revenue.

Our services also come with added benefits, such as:

Campaign Management & Organization
We assist our clients setting up a way to organize and communicate with team members and volunteers using file sharing services.

Volunteer & Canvassing Management
We will set you up with CatchTheVote Campaign Management software, a powerful tool that overlays voter data on a Google map and allows you to track households. Learn more about CatchTheVote here.

Voter Names, Emails, Phone Numbers & Addresses
Using our CatchTheVote software, we can load the latest voter data from your  Secretary of State, so you can see how people voted in the most recent elections!

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Web Design
Setup so your team can submit your own articles and news updates right from your smartphone!

Pricing (Coming Soon)


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$ 1,500 Monthly
  • Campaign Website
  • CatchTheVote Software + Introductory Training
  • Social Media Platform Set-Up (Facebook & Instagram)
  • 4 Posts per week; M-F 24 hour engagement & response
  • 2 Flyer Graphics per month (upon request)
  • Media folder access (PNG & PDF) for repurposing
  • Bi-weekly Zoom call for support & planning

Level Up

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$ 2,250 Monthly
  • Everything From Essentials Plus...
  • Unlimited Graphic flyers & media upon request
  • LinkTree Set-Up + QR Code
  • 1 paid ad campaign (with separate ad budget)
  • Weekly Zoom Meetings
  • CatchTheVote Reporting (Up to 5 per month)


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$ 39
  • List Item #1
  • List Item #2
  • List Item #3

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