Targeted Advertising

Here’s an email we sent to Team Bish explaining how the TV ad buy works

Hi Team Bish,

We are using a self-serve ad platform that’s NOT beholdn’t to Facebook or Google (thank God). It allows us to run ads and not worry about being disapproved. We still have to get approval on our ads, but it’s much more open.

Among many options, we can buy TV Ads and Display ads on TV’s & devices just like local media reps buy. 
We can target by city, state, or zip code. I’ve loaded all of the D6 zip codes into this campaign. There’s lots of options, but I say we start with advertising on living room TV sets, called Connected TV. 

Anyone watching tv on a Samsung, LG, etc., with built-in apps or using Roku or other streaming device will see our ads. These are most often the main TV in the living room of people’s homes. It’s all impression based, the CTV (Connected TV) is $25 per 1,000 impressions. Let’s start with at least $100 (put on your congressional card), have the ad run for a week and see what happens. I created a separate landing page on the website to help track how much traffic is coming from the ad.

Initial Budget: 
$200 per week (at $25 per 1,000 impressions = 8,000 impressions)

Geography: CA District 6 zip codes

Flight Dates: TBD

Channels: CTV (Living room televisions)

Creative: Bish TV Ad 1

Landing Page for Attribution:

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